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Wapta Icefield Traverse - 24-27 March 2003
From Bow Lake to West Louise Lodge via Bow, Balfour and Scott Duncan Alpine Club of Canada Huts

137_33_BowCanyon 138_12_BowHutStNick 138_12_ClimbersInset 139_06_YamnuskaGroup 139_31_BalfourMoon
137_33_BowCanyon.jpg 138_12_BowHutStNick.jpg 138_12_ClimbersInset.jpg 139_06_YamnuskaGroup.jpg 139_31_BalfourMoon.jpg
139_34_BalfourHut 140_08_BalfourIcefall 140_09_BalfourEastFace 140_16_BalfourColRoute 140_18_BalfourRouteClose
139_34_BalfourHut.jpg 140_08_BalfourIcefall.jpg 140_09_BalfourEastFace.jpg 140_16_BalfourColRoute.jpg 140_18_BalfourRouteClose.jpg
143_11_GlacierLight 143_16_FromScottDuncan 149_05_BowHutTracks    
143_11_GlacierLight.jpg 143_16_FromScottDuncan.jpg 149_05_BowHutTracks.jpg

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